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Introducing Global Local

Global Local is a 2.5 year Erasmus+ KA2 project which will promote the benefits of students moving outside their local area for education and work. This will be achieved by challenging the idea that this kind of mobility is only accessible to a minority of young people from privileged backgrounds. Seeking mobility options – whether that is to a neighbouring town, different city or foreign country – will enable students to take full advantage of the range of education and career options available to them as well as develop confidence in both their personal and professional lives.

Although travelling outside local areas for education and work is encouraged in Higher and Further Education, schools/VET organisations rarely cover this topic. As a result, students often won’t even consider opportunities in towns and cities adjacent to their own, potentially missing out on suitable opportunities. Through gamification and supporting resources, Global Local will provide education and career guidance staff, and the young people and students they support, with tools to fully understand the benefits of mobility, and gain the confidence to overcome existing barriers to these opportunities.

The three resources that the project will produce to help promote regional, national and international mobility to students are:

Global Local Charter and E-book of Best Practices

The Global Local E-book will include best practices relating to mobility from European partner and non-partner countries as well as the current state of inclusion initiatives and activities for disadvantaged groups. This research will inform the Global Local Charter, setting out the minimum requirements schools should meet in order to consider themselves good in encouraging students to take up opportunities outside their local area.

Online Game for Studentss

An interactive online game will be developed to demonstrate the benefits and different mobility pathways to students. Through a series of problem-solving activities, the game will address multiple barriers and advantages to travelling outside the local area. It will: 

Teacher Toolkit

The teacher toolkit will support education and guidance practitioners in developing their skills and knowledge in regards to mobility opportunities, to further help students see the value of moving outside their local area for learning and work. It will consist of a practical guide and ‘Broadening Horizons’ resource pack. The practical guide will detail how the topic of mobility can be embedded into career guidance work. The ‘Broadening Horizons’ resource pack will supplement the online game by providing information, tools and resources, as well as useful labour market information. Job profiles, training routes and industry factsheets will be provided for each country and compared with skills profiles of disadvantaged and post-industrial areas. This will help students to directly see the wealth of opportunities available for them outside their local area.

We are leading this project, with partners from Bulgaria (BFE), France (CIJ), Romania (ISE), Spain (INFODEF) and the UK (Leeds City College).

We are excited to begin this project in November, so keep an eye out for updates!

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